Monday, February 21, 2011

Google Makes me feel like a Genius!

It's true, just about every time I work on my Android applications - I get that weird maniacal evil genius laugh... You know what I'm talking about - admit it.

If you use CBI you should know that there is a backup feature included that exports your collection as a CSV file [CSV is kind of like an open source spread sheet format].

I've been wanting to send the backup file to Google Docs for awhile now but haven't gotten around to it. Last week I downloaded the source to Google's Client API source code and have been tinkering around with it. And have it backing up my spreadsheet now.

I still have to get the restoration working but I think that will be even easier than the backup.... Maybe I'll post some code for posterity in a bit but right now I have to get back to my mad genius cackling....

Here is a link to my spreadsheet so you can check out the format: My Collection

Tell me what other Comic Book Application will let you do that!


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