Monday, November 09, 2009

ADC2 Results

<sigh> so the results for the ADC2 are out. Unfortunately, DungeonTrainer was not one of the winners. I was a little bummed - they haven't released the numbers in each category but I'm guessing that there was a lot of competition in the casual game arena.

One of my good friends submitted an app and made the first round of cuts (his app was in the education category). So, congratulations to him and "Mobi Professor".


Sunday, November 01, 2009

New Mac Blogging Software

I'm trying out some new blogging software for my mac called blogo. I've been using a windows vm with LiveWriter installed - which is a spectacular piece of software for my blog postings up until now. I tried blog about a year ago and got very frustrated with it and happily uninstalled it - I hear it's a lot better now - we'll see.

My last post I was lamenting about the use of of timestamps in the iPhone SDK specifically CoreLocation, and as usual it takes me proving my ignorance before I can figure something out. So, here is what was going on...

If you remember back in your first C programming class - you learned about the function called printf. I specifically remember my instructor explaining the function and that the %d symbol meant to format an integer value and %f meant to format a float value. This information was lost to the deep recesses of my memories. This is important as I was using the %d to for logging -basically to output the age of the calculation - trying to understand what was going on and getting crazy - seemingly random values for the age.

Anyway this is the correct way to get the age from a CLLocation object:

float age = fabs([[newLocation timestamp] timeIntervalSinceNow]);

Armed with the value of age you can proceed with confidence that you are calculating the age of your location correctly.