Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Google I/O has begun!  

We had just sat down for the keynote when the Google VP of Engineering who is also giving the keynote came over and introduced himself to us - asked us about our T-shirts.  He congratulated us on the Android Competition win and then went to prepare for the keynote.

Pretty Cool!


Thursday, May 01, 2008

So this is my second post on my Mac.... and I’m kind of missing some of the software I had on my Window’s XP. I’m getting comfortable enough with the operating system although there are a lot of keyboard shortcuts and symbols that I have no idea where those keys are. But the software I had I think I mentioned editplus earlier but the tool I had that helped me write blog entries was Microsoft’s Window’s LiveWriter it integrated beautifully with picasa... so well I didn’t even know it was doing it (plus it was free).

I tried ecto for a bit and it was less than pleasant. Right now this post and the last one are coming from MacJournal.

So here is a little picture just before the storm hit us tonight. There were actually tornado sirens screaming and everything. My daughter was in the backseat and turned around said “Dad look at the rainbow.” So here is the picture taken with my phone...