Sunday, February 06, 2011

Best Wallpaper

So, I have this little app called Comic Book Inventory or CBI for short. CBI (as the name might imply) lets you inventory your comic book collection, once you get your collection added you can look up issues by Title, Author, Penciler, Inker, Colorist etc.

You can also do some pretty fancy things like find missing issues, get the weekly release list of comics, create a "pull list" (and lots more). My favorite feature of CBI is that you can set your android wallpaper to a comic book cover; actually you can select up to 4 covers and CBI will mash them together.

So here is one of my favorite desktops I've created lately: It's the cover of "Lady Mechanika" #0

Here is another desktop showing a multi-cover desktop.

If you haven't read Lady Mechanika you should check it out. It is creator owned comic published by Aspen Comics and owned by Joe Benitez.

There are only 2 issues out (#0 and #1) but so far the story and art are fantastic!


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