Saturday, July 07, 2007

Web Site vs. Web Application

I went to lunch the other day with one of the VP's where I work.  She had questions about our architecture, specifically why do we have so many licenses for WebSphere Portal; and if there was a relationship between the way we use EJB's.

I suppose that was an opportunity to vent a bit on the fact that our use of EJB's is completely excessive and a horrible idea.  It introduces such a huge level of complexity.

But I didn't.  My biggest concern is the complexity of EJBs and how they are very difficult to support.  However, with the advent of Spring the complexity is significantly reduced.  Troubleshooting can still be very difficult but... it is manageable.

So, I guess with Spring I am learning to at least view EJBs as a valid option in the J2EE architecture (Past experience has proven otherwise).

Another interesting conversation that came out of that lunch was the difference between a website and a web application.  I found a couple of articles supporting our VP's stance.  Funny, I've been working on web applications for close to 10 years and never really thought about the differences...  Maybe that explains why I stink at designing web sites but love architecting and writing applications.


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