Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Git and Dropbox

I've been using git along with Dropbox for a little while and think it is a pretty awesome way to setup a code repository.

This is usually how I end up doing.  Create a new project happily coding along and then it occurs to me I should probably start versioning this little gem.  Which is very easy to do with git simply "git init" and you're done.

So that is all find and good but then I start to get nervous... what if my hard drive crashes... how can I keep this repository save and sound?

Again git has a very easy to use command that if you put it in your dropbox folder you have a code repository that easy to manage and access!

Here is the command for git:

git clone --bare  /gitrepo/gitproject.git

I get tired of having to type git push /gitrepo/gitproject.git  whenever I want to push code out into the safe region of Dropbox so I usually end up writing a simple little script that looks like this:

git push /gitrepo/gitproject.git

obviously pull is just as easy....



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