Sunday, March 08, 2009

Out of my comfort zone

So in a very strange twist of events I am finding myself completely out of my comfort zone writing Objective C code. 

I have an earlier blog post about Objective C and some of the exceptions you get.  There is another scenario that happens when things just don't happen.  Without a doubt I am a novice at Objective C and I'm not entirely certain how you would classify it.  It is a odd mix of a scripting language and C.   Because of that hybrid I often find myself  troubleshooting errors that don't make much of any sense to me.  No doubt my lack of experience.

For instance there is a magic object in objc  called "id" apparently there are a lot of rules around this object (that I'm just learning) you can do something like this:

NSLog (@" this is it's vaule %@", magicId);

but not this:

NSLog (magicId);

I'm sure there is a very sound reason and I can pretty much assume what it is at this point but stuff like that brings into light that Objective C is a blend of two types of languages.  And makes me miss my comfort zone...

Now, where is that manual?


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