Saturday, June 23, 2007

Begin Again

All I can think of is bad 80's songs to reference... "here I go again....", "round and round".    Like I said all bad references. 

I have been playing with blogging tools on and off now for quite awhile.  I have one blog that is not setup anymore using Roller another using wordpress at  Although wordpress is a decent tool - the whole self-management of a blogging web site is enjoyable in some aspects; in other ways it is a huge pain.  Since Google has consumed blogspot I thought I would give it a try again, I had actually forgotten I had this account.

This is being written using the Windows Live Writer that Microsoft has in beta right now.  The previous process I used was to write the posts using Microsoft Word for spell check, pasting it into Edit Plus to get rid of the special characters and then copying and pasting once again.  Very laborious... Hopefully this will be better. 

If it is less painful hopefully there will be regular postings...  We shall see.


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